Rich Brian Jelaskan Cerita Dibalik “Drive Safe” Bersama NIKI

Jadi, dalam interview yang dilakukan sama salah satu channel YouTube bernama ‘WIRED’, Rich Brian dan NIKI bakalan menjawab pertanyaan yang paling banyak dicari di internet terntang mereka berdua. Mereka harus jawab pertanyaan-pertanyaan itu tanpa terkecuali.

Pertanyaan menarik untuk Rich Brian adalah ‘What is drive safe by Rich Brian about?’. Dan Rich Brian menjelaskan kalo lagu ‘Drive Safe’ darinya bercerita tentang menghargai waktu bersama seseorang.

What i was thinking when i was making the song was, talking to someone that i love and being like “Hey, drive safe, be safe. I love you”. Sometimes i feel like, you talk to people and you kind of take your conversations for granted. You say something that you can’t take back, and you know you regret it. When it’s too late, you can’t say anything to them. But, i feel like this song is about just appreciating the moments that you have with people which i think it’s important.’jelas Rich Brian.

Sedangkan NIKI ketika ditanya soal apa warna favoritenya, dia bilang kalo dia punya warna favorite yang beda-beda setiap bulan.

Like literally changes every other month. So, you know what recent color that i really like, like a sage green, like i got sage green throw pillow recently against like my cream couch. Do it, I promise you it’s beautiful.’ kata NIKI.

Masih banyak pertanyaan menarik lainnya tentang mereka berdua, yang bisa lo tonton langsung disini!

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Writer: Carissa Setyowatie - Rabu, 14 Juli 2021 12.54 WIB