Mikha Tambayong Berhasil Lulus Dari Harvard University

Mikha Tambayong mengumumkan, kalo dirinya berhasil menyelesaikan studi di Harvard University lewat Instagram pribadinya @miktambayong, Selasa (13/7). Mikha berhasil lulus dari Harvard Business School dengan gelar Magister Manajemen atau MM. Mikha Tambayong juga mengumumkan kalo dia juga telah menyelesaikan kursus singkat tambahan dari HarvardX. Mikha Tambayong dengan bangga mempersembahkan kelulusannya buat sang mama loh!

‘Maudy Mikha Maria Tambayong, S.H., MM, with International Graduate Program from Harvard Business School and additional short course concentrating in contract law from HarvardX. And this one’s for my Mama…we made it. 🥳’.

Di postingan Instagramnya, Mikha Tambayong juga sedikit cerita tentang gimana perjalanan dia sampai akhirnya bisa lulus dari Harvard University.

‘Had to survive online classes and tackle different time zones to get to this point. But now I can only acknowledge the opportunity and the privilege, especially given by my alma mater UPH Executive Grad School, to meet amazing classmates, attend life-changing lectures by professors from all over the world, and experience my brief Harvard journey although not able to physically be there at the moment.’ tulis Mikha.

Mikha Tambayong juga bercerita, kalau dia menyelesaikan gelar masternya bersama orang tercintanya dirumah loh guys.

‘That being said, I have earned my Master degree, right here at home with the people I love. With respect to such mournful times, I am deeply thankful and will not take this for granted. I hope you too find even the slightest glimpse of light in the midst of the dark. 💙’ jelas Mikha.

Congratulations Mikha Tambayong!

Image Source: instagram.com/miktambayong

Writer: Carissa Setyowatie - Rabu, 14 Juli 2021 11:44 WIB