One of Indonesian horror film from the 80s will have its reboot directed by Joko Anwar under Rapi Film. The film titled "Pengabdi Setan" which literally means "Satan’s Servant" will be played in all of the cinemas in Indonesia this upcoming September. Several actors and actresses will play their roles in this film such as Dimas Aditya, Asmara Abigail, Tara Basro, and Bront Palarae. As one of his most favorite films during his childhood, Joko promises a story that will definitely be spooky enough to make your spine chill, just like the original film.

Lately they have released the second trailer of the film that is regarded as the scariest Indonesian horror film. In our opinion, we feel that in this second trailer, the atmosphere and tone is very tense and very much different than previous Indonesian horror films. From the cinematic until the sounding point of view, this film is definitely raising the class of Indonesian horror films. Do you feel the same?