‘Finally, finally’
By Abidah.S / Apr 21, 2018 / Entertainment
Cover photo: BBC

Youtube is a place of many things, one of them is to share your thoughts. Millions, if not billions, content creators have at least tried once to make this kind of segment. Yet The Late Night Nasi Goreng is one of a kind.

Late Night Nasi Goreng which is produced by the Skinnyindonesian24 (Jovial Da Lopez and Andovi Da Lopez) lifts the current topic. We are aware that it’s not just them who make this kind of thing. But one thing that actually means something is they said the right thing. At last.

We could easily find videos of people talking about trends (and even commenting on those) like finding ondel-ondel nowadays. But how many of them that actually said something worthwhile? One of the charms is they intertwine the current hype with social issues we have. It simply makes us think. Hard.

It’s not secret that Indonesians have lots of problems. We live in them, but never actually sort them out, let alone fix them. So, it’s kind of taboo to talk about that in public, esp. on Youtube in which you have millions subscribers. It shows that Da Lopez brothers have some guts about it.

Other than that, Da Lopez brothers deliver a new perspective on seeing things. There are different sides of everything. And sometimes, our eyes are closed by the beliefs we have. Finding out this segment has helped us to get to know the somethings, it’s either the ugly side or beautiful one.

Besides, you can drool on the nasi goreng they had. So, 100 points for Skinnyindonesian24.