"Get your heart ready to fall in love with this talented soul"
By Abidah.S / May 4, 2018 / Music

In the land of EDM, NIKI’s newest single is a breeze of fresh air. ‘Vintage’ stands out with its own tone. With a taste of 90s pop background, ‘Vintage’ depicts the idea of having all time favorite ex, or simply your best ex.

The Indonesia-born singer wrote and produced this track as the first song of her upcoming EP, Zephyr. Pointing out past relationship, ‘Vintage’ also showcases the butterfly feelings she gets when finally reunited with the ex. It may sound too cheesy, but believe us. NIKI delivers this track flawlessly.

The 3-minute music video reveals aesthetic motions that suit the eargasm tunes. Dancing, turning around tirelessly, and laughing all day long with gorgeous-looking friends send out all the summer vibes. Not to mention, the shots put the breathtaking color scheme in the center. The catchy tunes and gleaming hues turn the music video into a work of art.

Simply put, NIKI gives hope to us. And we can perceive that she is going to be a new face of  the future of Indonesian female singer. Watch the music video here while wait for her EP, Zephyr  which is going to awe the world on May, 29.