When your match matches much more’
By Abidah.S / Mar 23, 2018 / Entertainment

Indonesian romance movie almost runs out of ideas to deliver interesting story for each year similar theme movie appears like toad in a pod. Making its debut, Love for Sale appears as a breath of fresh air in today’s film industry.

The story takes place in Jakarta where a guy named Richard (Gading Marten) lives with his turtle. Being single in 40ish year old leads problem to Richard’s life. After being challenged to bring a partner to his friend’s wedding, Richard turns upside down to find the date. At last, Love. Inc, an online dating app, is his best hope.

Yes, Love for Sale appoints the hype of dating app.  Dating app has helped thousands if not millions couple to get together. If it’s for quick date or companion to certain event, it’s here to fulfill urban’s need. Jakartans today have known too well that dating app is much more than a game app – the main purpose. But it  also provides another plesaure of having some people match with us and able to fill our needs. Most importantly, dating apps have turned the meaning of dating into a whole new level.

Source: instagram.com/satrialingga

Andibactiar Yusuf as the mastermind of Love for Sale successfully delivers this issue. With slow and alluring storyline, this film has scored in audience’s heart. Freshly packed with unorthodox jokes, Love for Sale’s charms come from the characters too. Gading Marten as Richard has proven that he is a proficient actor. Not to mention, other characters ingeniously play their role. Everyone fills the place perfectly.

In conclusion, Love for Sale has stirred the standard of Indonesia’s romance film. You may interpret the meaning to your liking. Yet, it is one of the best Indonesian romance movie.