"It was an inspiring event that changed my perspective in pursuing my passion." 
By Chitna Ratnani / November 13th, 2019 / Events

For the first time, the Folkative Session event, which incoporated the theme of “Passionaction”, was successfully held on 1st of November, 2019. Presenting Mantra Vutura, Ningrum Syaukat followed by a special guest, Bam Mastro, to which they share stories of their journey in discovering their passion.

In the talkshow session, Ningrum talked about how she experienced rejection and was underestimated by those around her for her passion as a dancer. The sentence that made her feel broken for a brief moment and doubt the passion that lived was when someone that was very much looked-up to said that “Penampilan lebih penting daripada skill” and that was a time when her body posture was considered as bigger than other dancers.


However, positive thoughts and intentions that continue to evoke the excitement within her is what drove her to carry out her passion. Ningrum managed to discover what had been her dream and free herself from all the limitations around her. She also added that “penting untuk discover passion-mu dan enjoy the ride of the process”

Mantra Vutura, a music duo consisting members Tristan Juliano dan Zaki Danubrata were also present. In the second talkshow, they shared that the business they are running together will not undermine their passion for music.

“Gue bisa menjalani bisnis, tapi gue tau kebahagiaan gue bukan disitu”, Zaki feels that he gets a lot of positive energy when he’s playing music.


Although both his parents expect Zaki to focus on his business, he has discovered what truly makes him happy. Similar with Tristan, the second son of Addie MS and Memes who was also present that night felt that,

“musik adalah nyawa gue, meski bokap dan nyokap gue seorang musisi terkenal, tapi proses ketika discover passion di musik tidaklah mudah, karena gue terus mencari apa sih genre musik yang gue mau. Sampai akhirnya Mantra Vutura, disitu rasanya luar biasa.”


Mantra Vutura was born as a medium and platform for them to channel their passion. Special guest, Bam Mastro, vocalist of Elephant Kind, also shared how passion brought him to true freedom. Although he once felt a moment where passion will not make a lot of money, but his confidence in living the passion was the one factor that brought Bam Mastro to the point of his career at this time.

Folkative also conducted the FolkativeBertanya Program on Instagram which will then be asked to the key people during the talk show. One interesting question from the online audience was:


“Bagaimana jika kita ingin menjalani passion namun kondisi lingkungan kita tidak mendukung?”


Mantra Vutura dan Ningrum Syaukat both agreed to the same response.

“Ibarat elo udah nyemplung di kolam yang dingin. Terus gimana kalo misalkan elo udah nyemplung di kolam yang dingin? Mau ngga mau elo harus beradaptasi dong, biar tubuh elo bisa kembali hangat. Mungkin dengan belajar gaya bebas, gaya punggung, dll. Nah sama kayak passion.”

“Jalanin aja yang udah elo mulai, nikmati dan tunggu akan ada kejadian baik apa yang akan menunggu elo di depannya.”

After recounting on how they discovered their passion, Folkative closed the Folkative Session through an inaugural collaboration between Ningrum and Mantra Vutura, twhich was presented as concrete evidence of how passion brought them to this point, the point of self-freedom. Also, for the first time in Jakarta, Mantra Vutura brought and performed their Human album to the audience.

The excitement of the inaugural event of the Folkative Session, with the theme of turn your passion into action, is made from the heart that is expected to inspire and enter the hearts of the audience present. Thank you to those who were present, see you at the next Folkative Session in December!