"Free beers, free ink, great fashion, so just free yourself"
By Abidah. S / May 8th, 2018 / Events

The F Thing has always been the company that delivers the good stuffs in fashion and lifestyle e-commerce. That’s why, its event, #Fthesystem, is going to be just as good. And, yes, you don’t have to wait longer because #Fthesystem is just around the corner! Providing the freedom and the fun, #Fthesystem will fill your need in fashion, beers, tattoos, and music.

Some local brands, such as Get Dirrty, Paradise Youth Club, Public Culture, Ladness, and Legiteamate will be spotted at this event. Along with it, the crowd is going to be pleased by Konsumma. For the tattoo section, Revolver Tattoo Studio and Jessica Johana are in charge of it, so get ready.  Not only that, Bryant Brian and Ben Utomo will guide the most anticipated evening.

Pay a visit to its Instagram for updates. And make your way to Woolloo Mooloo on this Friday to experience the f word you’ve never had.