2017 is definitely the year of Rich Chigga. Releasing new songs up to his US tour are the highlights about how his music career is developing rapidly. Of course for him who has just reached the age of 18, his presence has rocked the rap world. A few while ago, he was interviewed by on of San Diego’s Hip Hop and R&B Radio Station JAM’N 95.7. Many interesting stories were told by him. Here are the points:

-Brian Imanuel had never been to the US before in his life. He stepped foot on the US for the first time this year in May.

-A little Brian, then 13, dreamed of going to the US and thought of becoming a freelance photo/videographer there. But his parents objected.

-Before making songs, he was known for his jokes on Vines.

-Brian Imanuel has learned to speak English since he was 10 years old, self-taught by listening to YouTube.

-A little Brian was obsessed of watching YouTube in English because he was into Rubik. And to learn Rubik, he must study the tutorials on YouTube that used English as the medium of conversation.

-Brian once won first place of solving the Rubik in just 12 seconds.

-In the creation of "Dat $tick", Brian considered it as a joke project as he did not think that it would go viral and elevated him to be where he is today.

-Brian Imanuel will release a mini album before the end of the year.

Best of luck, b!