Motionbeast is a Bandung-based creative studio that specializes in fusing art and technology into experimental work, from animation, CG and visual effects, interactive installation, to data visualization.

Based on their vision to create immersive work for viewers, MotionBeast presents “Mercusuar”. Emphasizing on human response towards visuals, this installation projects lights and colors into space to depict how humans adapt to their surroundings and simultaneously discovers new experiences.

Motionbeast created the Projection mapping known as MINDSCAPE, which was located in in Odawara Castle, Japan. This projection mapping was created as an attempt to rekindle the idea about hopes and dreams which exist through the brain process.

The mapping content shows a general process of using one’s mind through the act of dreaming and thinking. MotionBeast has selected "cyber-punk" mood because they consider these colors to represent a futuristic / future atmosphere.

Future of Tomorrow 2019
by FolkativeLive will present Peul as a representative of MotionBeast, in which he will share the story of how MotionBeast was first built, to how it is now. In addition, they will also share how they can deliver a message or an emotion through the installation combined with art and technology on the present-day. 

In addition, MotionBeast will also be one of the contributors to the work in the exhibition of new media art exhibitions, Wave of Tomorrow 2019.

Are you curious as to what kind of installation they will bring to Wave of Tomorrow 2019? Join the discussion at Future of Tomorrow, 13th December 2019 at 89 Coffee and Eatery, Kemang. Register now here.