The reality that the city of Jakarta is full of pollution, traffic jams, and unlimited work definitely makes our mind tired all the time, let alone added with stifled home or work environment even makes it difficult for us to think clearly. Therefore, it is important for us to redesign our rooms, adding something to refresh our mind. One Jakarta-based brand called Taman Hayat is a brand that provides aesthetically good-looking decorations mostly in the form of cactus which look alive.

Taman Hayat itself offers various kinds of decorative plants which are not only look good to the eyes but also easy to treat. With the tagline of #SurelyGreenIsGood, it dedicates itself as a movement aimed to inspire city dwellers to live in harmony between an artificial world and organic environment. Check the full gallery through its Instagram here.

Photo by: @reinaldo_k

Photo by: @kharisriza