1. Rubik

I started playing Rubik from junior high, and if you guys can see, the Rubik has some types such as pyramid and the one that has a hole on its center. In my opinion, every Rubik has its own challenges. Actually, the reason I play Rubik is not to solve it under limited time, but just to be able to play it.

2. Book

My favorite book is of course my own book. Actually, the beginning of my social media/blog comes from this book of mine that I created.

3. Figures

I love to collect figures, even though not all of them. There were not this many when I lived back home, but since I have lived on my own, the collection becomes larger in number.

4. Awards

This is my first award from my first film "Ngenest" alongside Ernest Prakasa. First nomination, first award. I never thought I would win this.

5. Laptop

Because I start everything from laptop. Initially I wrote my blog using my cousin’s laptop but gradually I could buy it myself. So from my inability to buy it myself until I am able to buy it myself.