For the activists in the creative industry, surely you are familiar with Maika Collective Studio, right? Headquartered in Cipete area, Maika Collective Studio is a Jakarta-based collaborative practice established studio, that aims to investigate the boundaries between art, technology and future.

Some of the activities that are carried out by this studio include experience design, visual graphics, motion, animation, film, digital, art installations and programs to provide new and imaginative immersive effects.

The fact that they already have an amazing variety of portfolios did not stop Maika Collective Studio from spreading its wings to several other creative industries. Currently they are in charge of several sub-brands that they own, such as Creme Music, Maika Motion Pictures, Offline Team, Seasons Atelier, Mana Living, Nyawa, WeFeature to Everyday Supplies.

Future of Tomorrow 2019 by FolkativeLive will present Aditya Nugroho as a representative of Maika Collective Studio, in which he will share the story of how Maika was first built, to how it is now.  In addition, they will also share how they can deliver a message or  an emotion through the installation combined with art and technology on this present-day.

In addition, Maika Collective will also be one of the contributors to the work in the exhibition of new media art exhibitions, Wave of Tomorrow 2019.

Are you curious as to what kind of installation they will bring to Wave of Tomorrow 2019? Join the discussion at Future of Tomorrow, 13th December 2019 at 89 Coffee and Eatery, Kemang. Register now here.