Last Sunday, the official account of Instagram suddenly made a fuss by reposting a cake that was viral in 2017 which is the famous Indomie cake! Who has not seen this cake? Filling up the discover feeds on Instagram a few months ago was proven to be effective to make it featured on the official account of Instagram.

TotAw was the brain behind all these. TotAw which is an abbreviation of Totally Awesome was created by three friends, namely William Sudhana, Edi Hartono Liem, and Erwin. Its post on Instagram has reached more than 4 million views all around the world. 

"Well, being featured by @instagram, of course, is an honor, meaning you are being acknowledged by the platform owner to contribute something for the community. As part of this creative community, I am, running a business not only in fnb (food and beverage), but also creative consultant Vos Foyer, force me to share inspiration in positive manner. The goal is not to be featured or get contacted by Instagram, but to share something useful and interesting for the rest of the community. I always believe that good content will lead you to something bigger, either it is profit or non-profitable benefit. Most importantly, we share something valuable to others.William, the Founder said.

Food and beverage business has definitely grown much this year. Almost every month, there is a new brand or new kind of food emerging into the competitive market. "My advice for those who have already run in fnb business or want to try a fnb business is to never stop learning and to inspire others, no need to look for the profitable benefits because it will come by itself once someone experiences the value you are sharing. Just enjoy the process of sharing." William added.

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