Architect & Interior Designer, Rubi Roesli, is known for creating great works, which usually involve the mix and match of traditional elements of Indonesia aligned with the present-day contemporary elements.

Together with his two partners Miranti Gumayana and Dani Hermawan, he was challenged by Didi Petet to create Indonesian Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015 in Milan, Italy, that was inseparable from his Indonesian elements.



Along the years as he becomes more known in Indonesian architecture, Rubi Roesli continues to innovate his mind and creations. One of the art installations created by Rubi Roesli, known as the String composition, combines the elements of architectural concepts and technology.


Already entering the fourth series, this String Composition has been exhibited in several places such as Casa Indonesia, GWK Cultural Park and ICAD 9 Story.

Future of Tomorrow 2019
by FolkativeLive will present Rubi Roesli as one of our speakers, where he will present his handmade String Composition, share on how he got the idea of making the installation, and how he incorporates the concept of architecture and technology in the present-day.

In addition, Rubi Roesli will also be one of the contributors to the work in the exhibition of new media art exhibitions, Wave of Tomorrow 2019.

Look forward to the Future of Tomorrow, 13 December 2019 at 89 Coffee and Eatery, Kemang. Register now here