‘Indonesian’s talents at its finest’
By Abidah.S / May 7th, 2018 / Music

Social media has contributed a lot in today’s generation, be it showcasing one’s talents on Youtube or channeling music everyone deserves. That’s why it’s tricky to find aspired musicians. So, we round up 4 musicians that are worth to hear (and fall for):

1. Novakane

The duo from Jakarta casts a spell on Indonesians with their unparalleled music. Recently teasing Tara Basro with a song, Novakane releases an EP which contains 5 undoubtedly eargasm tunes. The Romance EP takes the scene of high school years experience when love, young, and passion grow. Mixing R&B, trap, and  great vocal shapes the salience for them. Simply the best pick for everyday’s playlist.

2. Rayssa Dynta

Collaborating with some singers has helped Rayssa Dynta tasting the water. And when she’s finally ready, her debut album ‘Prolog’ turns into a work of art. It narrates stories about her in one of a kind way. The singer/songwriter from Jakarta proudly stands in her own style completed with the genres, electro and pop. In 5 tracks she delivers, Rayssa manages to transport the listeners with her exceptional voice and music composition. A girl to listen to, without a doubt.

3. Paul Partohap

After years of flashing his talents on Youtube, Paul Partohap finally made a debut as singer with ‘Elevate’. Long before releasing the single, Paul has already assembled his own music. Even though he is miles away now, internet works its charm to deliver his gifted ability to our ears. His soft voice and versed idea of mixing music bring Paul to be a singer to watch for.

4. Abenk Alter

Mastering two talents is not impossible, just ask Abenk Alter. Even though he focuses on being a painter for the past few years, he is also known as a singer with magnificence aptitude. The smooth voice of him combines perfectly with the music he makes. His album ‘Selamat Datang’ sends nostalgic feeling of good ol’ things. Yet in recent past, he also lent his mind in  RAB’s single ‘FAVO’. He is, indeed, a man with flairs in art.