The Folkative Live event presents the Future of Tomorrow, which was successfully held on the 13th of December 2019. The Future of Tomorrow is essentially a pre-event that highlights the long-awaited event, Wave of Tomorrow. The Future of Tomorrow presents Maika Collective, MotionBeast, Muhammed Kamga, and Rubi Roesli as the speakers, allowing them to share their journey and experience of incorporating art and music with technology.

In the talkshow session, the speakers shared that the Wave of Tomorrow is essentially a platform for them to share their creative vision to the world and they each have a message they want to share. After the individual presentation of each speaker, Folkative Live proceeded with a Q& A session with the speakers as they shared their expectations of Wave of Tomorrow.

For Maika Collective, they want their installation at the Wave of Tomorrow event to become a medium for self-contemplation and new experiences, where the viewers can reflect on their identity and not disregard their humanity roots. Maika Collective also stated that Wave of Tomorrow is a new pioneer and is a new medium for exposure and collaboration with different organizations.

For MotionBeast, they highlighted that visuals and art have experienced significant changes with regards to the media being used. With their presence at the Wave of Tomorrow event, they hope to expose to the public that visuals and art does not require the same media, but rather expanding the use of new media that technology has made accessible. MotionBeast also added that Wave of Tomorrow provides a space for them to express and showcase what they have learned to the public who have different professions and concentrations, as it allows them to meet new people and collaborate with unexpected people from different concentrations.

For Rubi Roesli, he highlights the importance of “Space” in architecture. Rubi Roesli hopes that with his installation in the Wave of Tomorrow event, the viewers can interact with the motion sensors of the installation and it will remind them of the space surrounding the installation. Rubi Roesli also added that Wave of Tomorrow helps him meet people outside of the architecture world and interact with people of different interests, because Wave of Tomorrow opens up the possibility of using new media rather than the mainstream ones.

Lastly, Kamga believes that it has become more accessible for people to make music, even without a musical instrument, and this can all be done with the help of technology. He shares that people can now make music with their laptop, aside from the common instruments such as the guitar, piano, etc. With this significant change of technology, it has become a lot easier for people to reach a certain goal as an artist. Kamga also stated that the Wave of Tomorrow gives him the opportunity to work together with other artists.

To close the event, Folkative Live highlighted that the speakers will be present in the Wave of Tomorrow event to share more about their stories and how technology has expanded and shaped the culture of art and music in the present-day. Thank you for those who were present, see you at our next event!