‘The It event we won’t forget’
By Abidah.S / July 25th, 2018 / Events 

Delivering the prodigious entertainments and remarkable experiences, We The Fest 2018 won another place in our hearts.

JIEXPO Kemayoran was clouded with fiesta atmosphere last weekend. The crowd’s eyes were pampered by knickknacks emblazoning the venue. On the side of Beyond the Music, intriguing booths served fete scenes like never before. From cinema to skate park, the section completed the feast’s vibe without a doubt.

And of course, the music stages became the spotlight since local and international musicians astounded the legions. On day 1 we got a surprise from Iqbaal Ramadhan who exhibited his rap ability with G.Brand. The next day, Barasuara revealed their new singles exclusively from their upcoming album. The one and only, Lorde indulged the fans by bringing exceptional acts. The last day was closed by SZA with remarkable performance.

Hasn’t moved on from it? Here, we remind you of last week’s hype from some words people said about We the Fest 2018.

 Abigail Cantika - GAC (@abigailcantika)

Gue senang banget tgl 20 juli 2018, GAC bisa jadi pembuka untuk WTF 2018 di WTF stage. Dari awal tau, bahwa GAC dikasih kesempatan untuk main di WTF, kami bertiga langsung mikirin mau bawain konsep apa dan Puji Tuhan kemarin terealisasi konsep yang pertama kalinya kita pernah bawain, dan khusus di WTF. Tanggapan teman-teman yang nonton juga sangat positif dan itu bikin gue pribadi bahagia banget. Selain kesempatan untuk manggung pertama kali di WTF dengan panggung sendiri, gue juga punya list. 

Beberapa musisi yang mau gue tonton.  Salah satunya adalah SZA. Dan senang banget kesampean nonton SZA, walaupun ga sampai beres-tapi sangat puas sing a long semua lagunya. Kuping gue juga sangat dimanjain dengan sound yang super enak.. seru banget nonton festival musik yang kayak gini, yg berhasil menciptakan crowd yang seru.

Menarik aja ngeliat semua yg ada di WTF bisa mengekspresikan diri mereka sesuai karakter masing-masing. Somehow WTF emang membawa festival musik sebagai satu wadah buat kita semua “bebas” tanpa mengenal umur, gender, dan perbedaan2 lainnya. Gue cuma masih ga bisa menemukan 1 hal yang penting sih, makanannya ga ada yang bisa gue makan, ga ada yg vegan friendly, LOL,  mungkin itu yang bisa jadi salah satu hal yang dipertimbangkan untuk WTF selanjutnya

Tapi secara keseluruhan, WTF selalu berkembang dan memperbaiki kekuranagn dari WTF tahun sebelumnya. Semoga WTF juga selalu bisa jadi wadah kita semua untuk berekspresi.”

Ramengvrl - Musician (@ramengvrl)

“It was really well-prepared & well-executed, everything was neat, the shows were awesome and on-time, all the cool kids were there, as WTF is every single year. Kudos to Sarah and Ismaya team!”

 Ariel Nayaka - Musician (@arielnayaka)

“Okay, i had a really great weekend overall! The festival was fun and alot of positive energy. From the perspective of a talent playing there it was super fun being able to meet up with friends who are also playing shows or doing any sort of professional work. The festival not only was a place to listen to artists you have heard before, but it’s also a place to discover your new favs. I  stumbled upon @iamsoftanimal’s set and ended up staying till the end of it! On the 2nd day of the festival, it came to the Blue Room Boys’s set and we were TENSE! We were worried everything might go wrong. But we kept our chin up and ended up putting on a great show. The crowd was happy and many were singing along! By the end the boys were all happy and relieved and pretty satisfied with the output.”

 Rayssa Dynta - Musician (@rayssadynta)

“it was my first time coming to WTF and i always wanted to come and tbh i joked about playing here roughly about a year ago. So last weekend was a dream come true. I loved the athmosphere, the music, the food and everyone i met.”

 Rahmani - Visitor (@rahmani)

"Basically yesterday’s WTF was definitely such a fun and amazing time for me. I got to drink, listen to my favorite artists and dance like crazy with my friends! I really can’t wait for what WTF has up their sleeves for next year!"

Christian Purwadi - Visitor

“We The Fest kemarin bener-bener jadi pengalaman berharga gue yang ga akan pernah gue lupain seumur hidup, iam such a huge fan of Honne since day 1, walaupun honne bisa dibilang masih baru, tapi kualitas musik mereka bener-bener berkelas dan ga kalah sama yang uda terkenal-terkenal, itu yang membuat gua jadi fans mereka, #WTF kemarin bener bikin gue emosional bener-bener ga nyangka bisa nonton konser mereka, the atmosphere was amazing, penonton bener-bener ikutan nyanyi dari awal sampe abis, it was unbelieveable. Special thanks to Folkative yang udah menangin tiket giveaway-nya buat gue dan pacar gue, u made my dream come true! and also buat we the fest yang udah undang honne, i know #WTF selalu undang musisi-musisi berkelas ! u did a great job ! pesan gue semoga semakin banyak musisi-musisi berkelas yang ga kalah sama luar negri dan semakin banyak talenta lokal yang bisa nyaingin luar negri!”