This #ADayWith segment, we will ask about the life of Kevin Anggara to himself. His notable works include but not limited to his videos on Indovidgram, Student for Dummies book, starring in movies, "Ngenest" and "Koala Kumal". Get yourself to know more about him below.

Tell us the beginning of the Kevin Anggara we know!
The start was when I was going home from school. I was in the 8th grade that time. After I got home, I saw a book by Raditya Dika called "Marmut Merah Jambu" in my cousin’s room. At that time, I didn’t know much about books. Then I read it for fun because I do like to read. It turned out that the book was quite interesting. Then I searched about the author of the book; he started everything by writing blogs. After that I thought that instead of going to internet cafe (warnet), why didn’t I start writing. Then I tried to write. At first, I promoted it to my friends, like when there was a school event, I wrote about it. I was consistent about it until 2013 where during that year I joined some writing competitions. My first competition was at Kaskus where I joined and through to the top 22. Due to it being my first competition, I was so happy that my writing was chosen. From there, I started to write on a bigger scale: blogs. It turned out that I won, the prize was an iPhone 5. In that year also I was contacted by an editor from a publishing company. I got my first book published that year. From the iPhone 5 that I won, I used it for making videos with my friends on Instagram, where for the editing I used my cousin’s laptop.

Why do you like to read?
For me, reading makes me know and understand more than my friends do. Since I was an introvert, I always sat at the front. Sitting at the front had its perks, one being able to leave class faster than the others. Aside from that, when given an assignment, I finished it first then I chatted with my friends.

The start of your Instagram videos?
Hmm, it was awkward at first! I was an introvert and I had never recorded myself before. I was so embarrassed. Even now I don’t want to watch my own videos because I made the videos for other people to watch, not for me. Then some friends joined so it was better to be embarrassed together, hahaha.

You make videos at school, were there any teacher who protested?
Yes of course there were! But some teachers supported me, one of them was the principal. My friends and I were once invited to an event by The Comment, appearing in TV. But there was this one killer teacher, he asked, "hey you made this video to insult me, yes?". Then I was expelled once when I was making a video.

Where did you learn about editing?
All was self-taught. I had no laptop so I used my cousin’s. I learned about YouTube, editing, and so on from there.

What motivates you?
I always feel that we can produce works. Don’t use your limitations as an obstacle. There are many people now who like to say, "I don’t have any camera, how am I supposed to make videos for YouTube?". Well, you can just start. Even I had nothing at first. If you really want it, you do it, by borrowing a camera, for example.

The idea behind "Izin Ke WC" video?
Based on my personal experience where every time I asked to go to the restroom, the teacher would ask why I wanted to go there. Then I had the idea to make it longer. The video turned out viral. I never thought it would go viral. Quite annoying that a video I never thought would go viral, go viral instead, hahaha.

Suggestions for people who want to be creative on YouTube?
The more you think that you cannot do it, the more you won’t be doing it. The first time I started writing, it was very poor. But I tried and tried because to produce work, let alone be creative, needs time and process. Being creative is that you start first, then you improve every time. 

Why have you not make videos about Samyang, Despacito, etc.?
For me, that kind of content is just a mere trend where it would not be there for a long time, resulting in people being confused about the video. In the end, you’re just being a trend hunter. I prefer making videos on YouTube that can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. 

The start of your acting career?
So that time, Ernest Prakasa made a poll on his Twitter about who should play in his new movie. One of his followers mentioned my name. After Ernest checked, he stopped on my Instagram and contacted me right away as he saw that I was young and I had many videos. After that, we had a meeting, casting, and the producer agreed.

What was your reaction when he contacted you?
I could not believe it because when I did YouTube, I saw him doing stand up comedy. Now I was called to play in his movie instead and to play his character in the movie alongside him. So I was very happy.

What genre would you like to try?
I want to try horror as I had an assignment in college to make a short horror movie and I liked it.

Tell us about your family!
My family is an ordinary one. My mom is a housewife and my dad is a private employee. That is why I hate it when people say, "you are so lucky coming from a wealthy family." No. My family is not wealthy. Even my family lives in my grandma’s house. For me, you are wealthier than me as you have your own house while I don’t.

What does education mean to you?
I think that education is very important to me. So after my first movie "Ngenest", I had many offers to play in their movies. But I rejected them as they clashed with my class schedule. And since I fund my education using my own money and I know that earning money is not easy, I want to focus on my education first.

Why do you fund your education by yourself?
Because I don’t want to trouble my parents. So from grade 12th when my last book was published, I have never asked my parents for pocket money or any money in general.

Why do you enter movie faculty?
Many people have asked me why I didn’t enter journalism. I entered movie because I enjoy being here. In my opinion, a movie comes from a script and a script comes from writing. So I must be able to write on different media.

What will you do next? What is your next project?
I had no project in mind for now as I am focusing on my education, so whatever I do know is for my education.

Who inspires you?
Every person that I meet. Because they have their own stories and I can learn from their stories.


Any suggestions for people your age?
Do something that will make you proud, don’t just waste your time playing games. You must know what impact you’ll bring to others, at least you’ll be useful for other people.