Back in 2013-2014, the people of Indonesia particularly in Jakarta were flocking around and feeling the euphoria when 7-Eleven, a well-known convenience store originated from the US, opened its stores in Indonesia. However, similar to other businesses that go through ups and downs, this American company cannot sustain its business in
Indonesia and has to close all of its branches as a result of bankruptcy.

"Only buy 1 drink, but stay for 2-3 hours". This statement is not an 
exaggeration as it accurately depicts the behavior of Indonesian people towards this brand. But a company should not blame the behavior of its customers as 7-Eleven itself does not prohibit such behavior. The way we see things, management issue is a problem that makes 7-Eleven unable to compete and to adapt with the retail competition in Indonesia. Aside from that, some people also say that the company goes into bankruptcy due to the prohibition of selling alcoholic beverages by the government. Therefore, we hope that any foreign company that wants to open up its stores in Indonesia will learn from this incident and understand more about the consumer behavior in Indonesia.