"We Stan talents"
By Abidah.S / July 13th, 2018 / Music

Cover song has always been there to wind up the world. Either it sounds the same or completely different, it is a real evidence of how incredible human minds work. We pick 5 YouTubers who pour their hearts in music and turn it into another work of art.

1. èclat story

A talented soul is a blessed, let alone 5.  èclat story has formed a dream team in the world of cover songs. From pop to dangdut, èclat story always does the best in bringing the unexpected version of them. Sometimes tagging along another great musician, èclat story never fails to awe the fans, forever and always.  

2. Amatoge

A quote says ‘Musicians don’t retire; they stop when there’s no more music in them’. Then, we believe Christian Ama won’t ever retire. The saxophone player has charmed all the spectators. There’s something about his play that we can’t get over it. The arrangements are always goose bumping. Charismatic, saxophone, and Chritian Ama are things that never go wrong.

3. Lawrence Anzela

Lawrence Anzela is no stranger to acoustic genre. Her voice, which is as good as angel’s voice suits the singing style flawlessly. She shaped songs and turned them into something idyllic that belong to her and her only. One of a kind, no doubt.

4. Misellia Ikwan

Too young is never a reason to never start something. Misellia Ikwan is as young as 11 years old when she started to amaze social medias. Since then, she keeps gaining admiration. Her euphonious voice which is completed with endearing singing style brings her to become a young influencer to lookout for.

5. Rama Davis

The last name you should start browsing on YouTube is Rama Davis. It’s no secret that his voice is the definition of heaven for the ears. The fineness of his cover songs unfold on their own seamlessly. Looking at his works, you’ll know unswervingly that he has carved out his passion, in the most rightful way.