Essentials with twists
By Abidah.S / Aug 1st, 2018 / Fashion

The rapid growth of local brands has fascinated us. Artisans and the brilliant people behind them deserve much more than recognition. For now, we choose five local brands that deserve another appreciation. 

1. Basicbykomma

Back to the basic can never go wrong, especially if it made you look effortlessly stylish. Basicbykomma presents down-to-earth apparel with details that give you a sophisticated touch. Providing unusual top with quirks, Basicbykomma is a gem, ready to be found. Shop the look by visiting the Instagram here.

2. Lecathva

Snazzy outfit from nonhuman being? Yes, please. Lecathva features 3 iconic characters emblazoned the folksy shirts. With out of the world illustrations, Lecathva serves the style everyone talks about. Playing with eminent colors, Lecathva is made for your Pollyannaish mood. Get your favorite here.

3. Ageless Galaxy

If you are looking for street wares with strong character, Ageless Galaxy is the one for you. Outer space as the muse delineates in each good they make. One of the signature is weaving typography and astonishing illustrations. The range starts from the jacket, sweatshirt, cap, and socks that suits your cup of tea. Explore the Instagram for more of terrific stuffs.

4. Sunday Sunday Co

The love of cat or ice cream can be the inspiration behind everything. Meet the one of a kind clothing line, Sunday Sunday Co. It brings rarity and unusual graphics to embellish the attires. From apparel to accessories, Sunday Sunday Co. satisfies your inner quirkiness. Drop by its Instagram or website to cop your faves.

5. Erigo

Last but not least,  the traveling and daily companion, Erigo. The exceedingly evolved brand has lived up the standard by delivering A class quality goods and superb designs. Collaborating with various awe-inspiring figures, Erigo is one of the local brands to be marvel at. Check out the website or Instagram to get your picks now.