"Exceptional talents ready to be discovered"
By Abidah.S / May 26th, 2018 / Music

We present to you, 5 awesome human being you’ll fall for instantly.

1. Ben Utomo

Indonesia’s hip hop scene has evolved greatly. Along with that, the numbers of ‘fake’ rapper grow, but the ‘real’ ones also show up. Ben Utomo is in the latter class, for sure. Being in the industry for a long time, Ben has shaped his own diction. His works, either the solo ones or the collaboration ones, finish adeptly. His latest album, which is also the third album, Do Something, is thick with his personality and skills. Once you hear it, you can’t help but putting the tracks on repeat.   

2. Agustin Oendari

In most cases, names behind something great is hiding the best thing. Agustin Oendari is one of that name. Along with her team, she was involved in many music projects you love. Now, it’s time for her to radiate her aptitude. The singer/song-writer releases her undoubtedly melodious voice in her recent work. Wallowing in indie side, Agustin is a genius when it comes for writing something. Her wondrous thoughts produce deep and eloquent lyrics which go well with the astounding instrument. Talent and persistent never betray. And these are the kinds of things that draw people in.

3. Andrea Turk

When you forge a metal, it’s going turn to be puissant than ever. It happens to Andrea Turk who has been blessed with one of a kind voice. Practice makes perfect, they said. But other than that, you need a flair too. Andrea shows that in various amazing cover songs. She is also appear in  collaborations with another great artist. Producing her own music, Andrea is ready to take the singing business seriously. Another forte to pay attention to.

4. Tuan Tigabelas

Someone born healthy, someone born happy. But, Tuan Tigabelas definitely born talented. His ability to rap has blown our minds. From talking about hash to his lovely daughter, he nails every word. Intrigued with social issues and politics, Tuan Tigabelas, who is also a member of a band called REP, is never afraid to speak his mind. In his own world, rapping is something to deliver his thoughts. And he has done it beyond compare. Take a good listen to his beats and maybe you’ll get the ‘damn, where have you been all my life?’ feeling like us.

5. Dylan Amirio

New era, newish music. Electro instrumental has started to influence Indonesia’s music. Mostly known as "Logic Lost", Dylan is a young man with a passion in that field. He puts his mind ahead and discovers his own vein. "The First Thing I See" from his upcoming album, Forgive Yourself, is the proof. It is a perfect harmony which makes you feel calm and happy and peaceful and all the good things. Anyway, we can’t wait to hear other kinds of music he made. Just be patience and wait for July 1.