‘To be fright or not to be’
By Abidah S. / Apr 9, 2018 / Movies

Danur 2: Maddah has awed people with splendid jump scares but still so-so storyline. Worry not, we’ll sum up the things that visit your mind after watching (or not) it.  

1. Prilly.

She is actually good at acting. Surprise, surprise.

2. Praying.

So you can repel away the ‘thing’

3. Clubbing.

Prilly ‘dancing’ on the floor is mood.

4. Sophia Latjuba.
Making a comeback and stealing spotlight at the same time.

5. Piano.
With catchy yet creepy tunes.

6. Sedap malam or tuberose.

It’s not sedap again.

7. Kids.
The abnormally fair-skinned ones.

8. Dutch lady.
In ridiculously long white dress.

9. Possessive exes. 
Or spouse?

10. Love is blind. Yep.